Integrate for Good Board of Directors position (nonprofit)

Integrate for Good
Job Description
Are you looking for an exciting way to connect with your local community, grow your professional network and share your experience and expertise, all while making a difference?  Integrate for Good is looking for a new member for our Board of Directors.  This is a volunteer position.

Integrate for Good is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, established in January of 2019, committed to strengthening local communities by expanding opportunities for students and adults with disabilities to contribute their time and talent through volunteerism. 

The Integrate for Good model is designed to address the social barriers faced by students and adults with disabilities using targeted strategies for increasing opportunity through three specific channels:  Empowerment, Connection and EducationAll three Integrate for Good channels lead to the same outcome:  expanded opportunities for community connection where no one is left out.

Since the launch of the Integrate for Good pilot project, participants have donated more than 6,000 hours of their time to strengthen local communities.  Students and adults with disabilities created 40 digital portfolios to showcase their strengths and abilities.  Integrate for Good leadership team members conducted more than 45 training sessions, in-service presentations, speaking engagements, conference sessions and guest lectures, and many individuals with intellectual disabilities assume ongoing leadership roles as teachers and experts in the field.  We largely attribute these successful outcomes to our collaboration with diverse community leaders, companies and organizations. 

To “integrate” is to make a group, community, place or organization and its opportunities available to everyone.  We don’t see people with disabilities as broken, or needing to be fixed.  Rather, we see a community as weakened when it fails to capitalize on the strengths and contributions of all people.  By welcoming people of all abilities into true community engagement, we integrate and strengthen our community, making it whole.  We look forward to collaborating with you as we champion social justice and build an inclusive community where opportunities aren’t just reserved for some of us, but for all us.
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